What to do once you graduate

Congratulations on finishing your studies. Completing a tertiary level qualification is no easy task. In fact, according to the Australian 2016 Census of Population and Housing, only 24 percent of youths and adults in Australia have completed a Bachelors degree or above (Abs.gov.au, 2017).

So now that you have picked up your certificate and you’re a full-fledged graduate, I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘what now?’

This is a common reaction university graduates face when they collect their graduate certificate and step into the real word. For the past few years you have been living in a student bubble, studying late nights, hanging out with friends on weekdays and waiting for those long summer vacation breaks. It’s all over now, the student life is no more. Late-night study cram sessions have concluded, your friends are now working Monday to Friday and summer vacations are a distant memory.

This leads me back to the question, ‘What now?’ There are a few paths you can take, including getting a job in your field of study, taking a gap year or becoming self-employed. If you’re unsure of what path seems best for you, please continue reading as we go through each viable option.

two graduating students

Getting a job

It’s time to put all the knowledge you have learnt at university to work. Your dream job is around the corner and soon you’ll be saying goodbye to your ‘student budget’ and instead saying hello to a nice, rewarding salary.

If you’re looking to get a job in Australia, we recommend you look on one of these trusted websites:

With 500 million + members, LinkedIn is currently the biggest online professional networking platform with an estimated 20 million jobs advertised on their website. 95% of recruiters have also stated they use LinkedIn to find candidates (US News, 2017).

Not only is Seek user friendly and easy to navigate but Seek is also Australia’s number one employment marketplace. Whether you’re looking for extra work experience, a dream internship or a graduate position – Seek has it all!

Indeed, is an international job website that is currently ranked #1 in the world. Every second, 10 jobs are posted on this website globally. This is a great site to look on and with so many job postings available, you’ll be bound to find a job via this platform in no time!

If you’re looking for a government role in almost any field, then this is the website for you! SmartJobs is a Queensland Government Job search website that helps you find vacancies and further information about your chosen industry sector. Please note, this website is only limited to Queensland.

Taking a Gap Year

Have you been going full speed ahead for the past few years? Are you feeling a little burnt out? Gap years are not just an after high school experience and according to a survey conducted for the book, There is Life After College, 65% of young American adults (aged 24-27) said they did not jump straight into their career after college and instead either took their time or press paused for a while (Selingo, 2017).

Gap years are a great opportunity to find out what your true passions are, travel the world, explore other hobbies or to simply relax and take a breather. You’re only young once, so why not trial everything life has to offer and explore every opportunity out there. A great article we found online for gap years was published by Junkee. To read their article on the benefits of taking a gap year, please visit: https://junkee.com/benefits-taking-gap-year-uni/150621


The pace of technological innovation is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 currently don’t exist yet (Delltechnologies.com, 2017). This is leading to many graduates following their own passion projects and starting businesses that fill current holes in the market.
Starting a business has never been easier. With the aid of the internet and social media, people can start businesses with minimal funding while having the opportunity to reach millions of people globally. The opportunities are endless.

Here are some local, Brisbane startups paving the way for Australians:

Storyboard Social
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/storyboard_social/

Website: https://www.advvy.com/

Website: https://thehaystackapp.com/

Website: https://incodocs.com/

Beginning Boutique
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beginningboutique/

If you would like to talk to someone regarding life after graduation, you can email our Joblinx department to arrange a consultation. Email: info@joblinx.com.au

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