Webinar Series

Our Live Webinar Series is the talk of the town and for good reason. 🗣🤳 With social distancing measures in place we have turned our seminars virtual and started hosting free, live webinars that are easily accessible and available wherever you may be. Below you will see several recorded sessions of our webinars.

Academic Skills, Paraphrasing and Referencing

Join Brett Vance for a FREE, live webinar about academic writing, paraphrasing and referencing. Paraphrasing and Referencing are central to successful Academic writing, come and learn how to utilise your research in the appropriate way, you will be pleasantly surprised by your results if you practice these important academic skills professionally.


Mindful Leadership: A Toolkit for Future Leaders

Join Lecturer, Eszter Kiss, as she presents a webinar on Mindful Leadership: A toolkit for future leaders. This webinar features powerful leadership lessons from influential leaders and outstanding historical figures. It draws relationship between mindfulness practices and the development of leadership qualities in a concise manner. After the completion of the webinar and the corresponding workbook, students walk away with a practical tool kit to boost their leadership capacities.

To download the workbook for this webinar please visit: www.jcub.edu.au/eszter-kisss-mindful-leadership-webinar/


Planning the Term and How Not to Procrastinate

Join Lecturer, Vizak Gagrat, as he expands on his popular article, ‘5 tips to meet your Assessment Deadlines during the COVID-19 – Study from home period’. During this webinar Vizak will be teaching you how to plan for the term ahead and discussing how you can stop procrastinating.


Joblinx – How we can assist you!

Join Joblinx for a FREE, live webinar about what Joblinx can offer you! During this webinar Juliana will discussing the programs and professional services offered to students studying at JCU Brisbane, Sarina Russo Institute and Russo Business School.

Examination Preparation

Join Brett Vance for a FREE, live webinar about Exam Preparation. All your questions and concerns in regards to the upcoming exams will be listened to and answered in this interactive webinar.


Academic Writing and Referencing

Join Brett Vance for a FREE, live webinar about academic writing and referencing. During this webinar Brett will be identifying the major skills underpinning Academic Writing and introducing the APA 7 standard, citation and referencing.


How to Become a Professional Accountant

Join Joblinx for a FREE, live webinar about maximizing your success in the accounting industry. During this webinar Juliana will be joined by an accounting professional who will discuss how you can become a professional in accounting, what the current accounting labor market looks like and the future of accounting.


Job Hunting in Today’s Market

Join Joblinx for a FREE, live webinar about job hunting in today’s market. Juliana from Joblinx will give you the tips and tricks to optimize your employment opportunities.