Tourism and Environment Self-Guided Field Trip

As a part of our TO5002: Tourism and the Environment subject, students went on a self-guided field trip last Thursday to either Boondall Wetlands, Springbrook National Park or North Stradbroke Island.

Students pose on their self-guided excursion

Photo: Students pose on their self-guided excursion

This self-guided field trip provided students with experiences in the realities and issues impacting on the management of tourism practices. Students were able to observe and assess the interactions between tourists and nature, the tourism practice and the locals, and the quality and quantity of tour interpretation and the sustainability of the tourism practice.

JCU Brisbane Lecturer, Julija Ovnic, said,

“Field trips are a great tool to provide students with real-world experiences. During this field trip students were assessing impacts of tourism on natural environment at their selected field trip location. The experience enabled students to apply theoretical knowledge gained during the course onto real environments, which enhanced students’ understanding and appreciation of the natural environment. On top of that, field trip-based learning makes concepts more memorable and learning experience more enjoyable for students.”

Students are now faced with the task to review their observations and findings against the theories and frameworks presented in this subject and prepare a video recording and a written report on their critical review.