The Virtual Coffee Show Series – Season 1

Welcome to Season 1 of the Virtual Coffee Show Series, hosted by JCU Brisbane, Director of International Marketing, Shrikant Deshmukh. In this show we discuss important topics that are most relevant for international students. Our guests include top academics, influential people from various industries, current students and alumni, Government officials, International Education Experts, Professional associations and the like. Drop us an email here if you would like to be updated on the latest shows –

Episode 1 – Insightful Discussions with Academics, Education Experts and Alumni

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We decided to kick start the first episode by inviting our Associate Dean of Business Ian Robert Kirkwood, our top performing alumni Parth Shah, our hardworking current student Ozi and three future students so as to allow an exhaustive discussion, especially for Australia bound students.

Here are some interesting discussions covered in the full show:
From our Alumni: Quick Do’s and Don’ts for Australia bound students and importance of goal setting.

From our Associate Dean: Why  our MBA is a great pick for students with engineering Background.

From our Current Student: Tips for Future students starting online.

From our Associate Dean: Can an employee become Indispensable to an organisation? State of the Hospitality Industry in current situation and much more!

Guests on this episode include:  Ian Robert Kirkwood, Aparna Bam, Tom Collin and Brett Vance

Episode 2 – Leading to Work Program

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What is Leading to Work program and how does it really assist students in gaining employment or becoming an entrepreneur? This is what episode #2 focuses on. We have education consultants as guests from India, Bhutan, Nepal and Africa on the show.

Guests on this episode include: Eszter Kiss, Lily Haldar and Olufolakemi Adeniyi

Episode 3 – Studying in Queensland, Australia

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What is special about studying in Queensland?

Nicole Patterson from Study Queensland shares some key facts and figures on studying in Queensland as well as ongoing initiatives of Queensland Government. We also have our International Marketing Manager Tom Collin, a British national, sharing why he chose to make Brisbane his home!

As customary on our show, we have our education partners too sharing valuable information and asking key questions about studying in Queensland.

Episode 4 – ICT Industry in Australia 

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Here’s what you will find in the full episode:

Holly Bretherton from Australian Computer Society Brisbane shares valuable information, updates as well as top tips for future ICT students in Australia.

Kiran Das our star alumni and now a successful tech entrepreneur tells us about his journey as an international student to becoming the founder of a tech firm in Australia. He also shares top advice for future students planning on ICT career in Australia.

Irfan Kasim from Indus Institute Brisbane shares important information on Professional Year Program, advantage of building soft skills and of course shares his industry experience for ICT professionals and students.

Episode 5 – Top 3 Tips for Accounting Students

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In this episode we meet with CPA Queensland President, Kerry Phillips FCPA GAICD, IdP Education Associate Director (Australia) for India and Nepal, PRATIBHA SEN and another top alumni of JCU Brisbane, Ritika Dongre.

Episode 6 –  Online Studies vs On Campus

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Are you unsure if you should commence your international education online or wait for the borders to open? That’s just what our international team is debating on this episode. Our highly experienced international team including Tom Collin, Vipin Bishnoi, Martin Jezequel, Alan Tham and Aparna Bam share their views on a wide range of items to help #futurestudents make the right choice.

Episode 7 –  Who will succeed?

As the world goes into a reset mode, who do you think will #succeed beyond 2020 – A Jack of All Trades OR A Master of One?

Episode 8 –  Future of International Students: A Global Perspective

In this episode, we bring to you some of our top Education Partners from Australia, Brazil, India, China and Africa. Our experts touch on some key questions our students have in current times. Watch the Episode #8 to tune in to responses from our expert panel on the following questions:

• How do you perceive online study in the context of the current situation
• Do you think going virtual could be a blessing in disguise for new students
• Should uncertainties around border opening influence commencement decisions.
• What suggestions do you have for Australian Government on border opening and welfare of International students.
• What are the sentiments amongst Onshore students, how are they coping up with the on-going situation.