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Project Description

Vendell Furtado

India – MIT/MBA

“Why not JCU Brisbane? I think there would be very few universities where it feels like home.

The fact that the campus is culturally diverse and in the heart of Brisbane City makes it the perfect place to study and meet students from various backgrounds.

Speaking of the advantages, one major advantage is that throughout my course the staff have been exceptionally helpful they have been there when I needed them most. 

vendell testimony

With excellent study materials and practical knowledge of both IT and the Business side of things, this course has made me ready to face real world challenges head on. Along with studies, the various workshops for learning and extracurricular activities have kept me busy and open to learning new things every day.

Finally, the major advantage at JCU Brisbane would be Joblinx. This is a service that not other Australian university provides. Joblinx and their experienced staff helped me secure an internship in a matter of weeks which allowed me to gain real experience in the IT and Business sector of Australia. This keeps me one step ahead now when applying for that much awaited job.”