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Project Description

Benchaphon Phupanpha

Thailand – MPA/MBA

“I have found studying a dual MPA/MBA program at JCU Brisbane to be a big challenge but also a very rewarding experience. Throughout my three trimesters at JCU Brisbane, my course has helped me to develop critical thinking skills and prepare for the real world working environment. Although sometimes it can be challenging to study in a foreign country, I have found all of my teachers and classmates to be very supportive. 

Benchaphon Testimony

In particular, I have found The Learning Centre to be a great service, especially during assignment and exam periods. The Learning Centre offers academic skills support in terms of researching, checking my grammar and referencing. I find this service has helped me to improve my grades and in turn motivates me to continue working hard.

I would highly recommend The Learning Centre to all current and future students. This is an invaluable service which has helped me to achieve great results; it is also free and really worth it.”