///Skills Migration Seminar and IT Career Boot camp

Skills Migration Seminar and IT Career Boot camp

On Monday 9th March, JCU Brisbane in association with the Australian Computer Society (ACS) held a free Skills Migration Seminar and IT Career Boot camp.

During this seminar, students were given a one hour talk from Joeri Timmermans, Founder and CEO of BigJump and co-organiser of Lean Business Strategies . Timmermans spoke about his own experiences he faced when entering the IT industry and tips on how to find an ITC job in Australia.

Joeri Timmermans

Photo: (Above) Joeri Timmermans talking to students.

After this, two representatives from the ACS greeted students via video chat and spoke about skill migration and how the assessment is assessed. This was then followed by an open forum discussion where students were able to voice concerns and enquiries they had regarding the skills migration assessment.

In attendance was JCUB IT club president, Farnaz Faeghnia who stated:

‘I truly enjoyed the event and found that to be very useful for all the MIT students. It provided us useful information on skill migration and how our assessment is done. This was a great opportunity for all of us, since we all are going to go through our migration at some point and this information would be vital for all of us.”

Skills Migration Seminar and IT Career Boot camp

Photo: (Above) Students discussing migration skills during Skills Migration Seminar and IT Career Boot camp.

Ross Medina, the state manager of the ACS then held an intensive IT career boot camp. Medina began the boot camp by giving students an insight into the current Australian IT job scene and what roles students realistically should be applying for. After that he then covered necessary skills and tools students should acquire in order to land a graduate position.

The presentation was attended by around 70 students who now have the most up to date information regarding migration skills assessment process, and vital insider information on how they can achieve their career aspirations within the ITC field.

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