New Year, New You?

‘New year, new you?’ – You have probably heard this catch phrase quite a bit and while making a thousand new year’s resolutions can seem fun at the time, following through with them is a totally different story. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so being expected to transform into an outstanding person overnight is ludicrous.

Don’t fret though, there are still plenty of plausible solutions that you can implement to make this year your best one yet! Instead of picking yourself apart and signing up to 100 programs and writing down an endless list of goals, we suggest optimising on the services that are already available and free to JCU Brisbane students. After all, everything’s better when it’s free.

Do you want to get better grades this year? Make new friends? Learn how to manage stress? Get that job you’ve always wanted? Then look no further, here are 5 services available on campus which we believe will help you optimise your personal, professional and academic life.

Student Mentor Program
You know your way around Brisbane – even uni! But perhaps your study commitments are becoming a weight that is increasingly harder to bear. A Study Mentor can help you learn valuable skills aimed at mastering the management of your study while providing support and encouragement to help you on your way to achieving your academic (and personal) potential. Study Mentors won’t necessarily have studied the same subjects as you, but they know what it takes to apply oneself and they want to share their experiences with you.
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Social Clubs
Making friends in a foreign country can be difficult and fairly daunting. Thankfully, your JCU Brisbane Student Association is there to help assist you in meeting fellow peers through educational, social, cultural, and recreational student activities. Activities like this are orchestrated via multiple social clubs available on campus. Social clubs are great places to meet like-minded people, make new friends and become more involved in campus activities.
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Learning Advisors
Learning Advisors give practical advice and strategies to assist students at all levels in all courses.
Learning Advisors are available as a drop-in service, one-on-one appointments, small group sessions and skills workshops. This means students have an abundance of opportunities to get the support, advice and assistance needed to achieve the results they desire.
All students are encouraged to access the services offered by Learning Advisors, from students who experience difficulty adjusting to the academic requirements of tertiary study, through to high achieving students who are aiming for excellence.
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At JCU Brisbane, we offer individual counselling to students for both academic and personal reasons.
At times people experience issues that cause distress, counselling can help to identify and work through these. Our qualified counsellor will help you clarify the problem, explore your alternatives and find solutions.
What does counselling offer?
• Individual counselling appointments
• Educational workshops (e.g. managing stress, bullying, homesickness)
• Support for academic issues
• Conflict resolution
• Critical Incident Stress Management
• Referral to other services as appropriate
What can counselling help with? Almost anything!
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Joblinx is a Brisbane based Internship Placement and Career Progression Specialist.
Since 2008 Joblinx has been providing clients with employment support, work experience / internship opportunities and offering training and workshops to enhance their career development and employment prospects.
Joblinx assists students to gain work experience, part time and graduate employment and provides access to a full range of training programs to facilitate the development of skills needed for success in a global workplace.
Our specialist team of recruitment and training professionals provide these exclusive services FREE to all enrolled students.
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