#NeverOK Campaign

The JCU Brisbane Student Association supports the #NeverOK Campaign. Sexual assault or harassment is #NeverOK.

The recent ‘Change The Course’ report revealed a significant proportion of Australian students had, in 2016, experienced some form of sexual harassment in a university setting on at least one occasion (see: Dealing With Sexual Harassment at Universities). In response, student led campaigns such as Never OK Australia are on a mission to put an end to sexual assault and harassment in Australian universities.

Never OK is a student-led, university-wide campaign advocating for an end to sexual assault and harassment at universities across the globe, stating that “everyone has the right to live, study and work in a safe and supportive environment, and that sexual harassment and assault is Never OK” (Never OK).

Sexual assault and harassment can affect anyone, regardless of age, university, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or cultural background.

The Never OK campaign aims to educate, support and inform students about sexual assault and harassment through lifting the visibility of student support services at universities and encouraging ongoing supportive, shame-free conversations recognising, addressing and challenging these issues. In this way, the Never OK campaign encourages the growth of more inclusive student spaces at universities across the globe – and also right here, in Australia.

In support of the #NeverOK campaign, the JCU Brisbane Student Association will be conducting a peaceful rally on November 15th. To view the event details please visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/189634181924966/


If you or anyone you know needs support contact:

DVConnect — 1800 811 811 (https://www.dvconnect.org/)
Legal Aid Queensland — 1300 651 188 (http://www.legalaid.qld.gov.au/About-us/Contact-us)
Child and Family Services — 1800 811 810 (https://www.csyw.qld.gov.au/contact-us/department-contacts#child-and-family-services)
Women’s Legal Services — 1800 957 957 (https://wlsq.org.au/contact/)