#NeverOK Rally

In an initiative to support the #NeverOK campaign, the JCU Brisbane Student Association organised a rally at Reddacliff Place.

Students, academics and staff marched from JCU Brisbane to Reddacliff Place where they united as one listened to powerful speeches from Student Advocacy Officer, Gian Corpuz and Campus Librarian, Carolyn Whyatt. Following these speeches, everyone was then asked to take a moment of silence while Lady Gaga’s influential song ‘Til It Happens To You’ played.

Photo: Students marching to Raddacliff Place

This was a monumental gathering, with hundreds of JCU Brisbane students additionally signing the #NeverOK pledge which read:

I Pledge:*

  • To take action to prevent sexual harassment, and support others to do so too.
  • To not tolerate, condone or ignore sexual harassment of any kind about sexual harassment and I will challenge sexual harassment when possible
  • To educate myself and others about the consent and sexual harassment. What it is, how it makes people feel and why it’s never OK.

Photo: Gian Corpuz talking to students at #NeverOK rally.

JCU Brisbane alongside the JCU Brisbane Student Association is proud to support the #NeverOK campaign and raise awareness on such a important and significant issue. Sexual assault or harassment is #NeverOK and we will continue to educate our students, staff and academics and ensure our campus remains a safe space for everyone.

If you would like to report an incident or talk to someone in confidence our student counsellor and student advocacy officer are equipped to help you. We offer free counselling and student advocacy services to all students. You can visit Gian Corpuz (Student Advocacy Officer) and June Menzies (Student Counsellor) in their office at L2 or contact them via email or phone. To view their contact information please visit: https://www.jcub.edu.au/about/staff/student-services/

Photo: Students, academics and staff pose at #NeverOK rally.