Club Nomination Information

The JCU Brisbane Student Association is a team of student leaders who form a bridge of communication between the students and JCU Brisbane staff. To be the voice and to act on behalf of JCU Brisbane students to ensure that education continues to be accessible and equitable to all.

  • To promote educational, social, cultural, and recreational student activities.
  • To provide discussion and debates about matters of student interest through which we can help improve all student facilities and services.
  • To provide an engaging Student Association and social groups, students can join for extracurricular activities.

Qualities of a Student Association Club Executive include:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Ability to work as a member of a team
  • Ability to manage time and tasks effectively
  • Ability to maintain academic success while undertaking executive position
  • An interest in the welfare of the Student Association as a whole
  • Ability to adopt a long-range point of view
  • Ability to evaluate change in conditions
  • Courage to take appropriate action even though it may be unpopular or unpleasant
  • Ability to ask discerning questions in the spirit of enterprise and good faith
  • Willingness to take well calculated risks
  • Willingness to work as a volunteer for the position in Student Executive

Statement of Values

Accountability We are responsible for our decisions and actions.

Community Focus We will ensure that in all our actions, as a group representing the JCUB Student Association members and the University, we will remain aware of and respond appropriately to community issues involving our members.

Confidentiality We understand that there are some matters that must be kept confidential for staff privacy, commercial or other reasons. We will maintain confidentiality in accordance with our undertaking as an Association member of the JCUB Student Association.

Continuous Improvement We strive to meet our goals and objectives and continually improve all areas of our performance.

Creative and Resourceful We will seek out opportunities and capitalize on them, to maximize the benefits to members of our knowledge and skills.

Excellence We will continue to strive for excellence in all facets of our role – representation, University and Association committee membership, member consultation and community representation.

Fun We will ensure that our members work in harmonious and positive environment that is conducive to producing a committed and loyal Association membership capable of delivering excellent service to all our stakeholders.

Honesty We will be truthful and honourable in all our dealings Identifying Needs Through market research, listening to advice and other means, we will, with management, identify our members’ needs and provide them, where possible, with solutions by providing appropriate services, products and facilities to meet those needs.

Professionalism We will ensure that we act with integrity to enhance our reputation both as a professional group and as representatives of the JCUB Student Association.

Sustainability We will provide our products and services to our members at a cost to ensure we remain financially viable.

Teamwork We will work cooperatively and effectively, showing mutual concern and respect for staff, management, our colleagues and all our stakeholders.