James Cook University (JCU) Brisbane students have overcome the challenges of lockdowns and remote learning and have performed exceptionally this past trimester.

86.36% of students passed their enrolled subjects and nearly half were given at least one distinction or high distinction in their course.

High distinctions are awarded to students who produce outstanding work and receive 85% or higher in their assessments and exams.

JCU Brisbane Associate Dean Ian Kirkwood said

“Our three-way access to knowledge has proven successful. Online class as well as face to face teaching has been great, particularly when online sessions have been recorded for viewing at any time that’s convenient for students. As a result, more students have passed more subjects and overall grades have improved measurably. Congratulations to all lecturers and students.”

JCU Brisbane prides itself on creating an outstanding educational experience, and each trimester students’ academic achievements are celebrated at an academic excellence ceremony.

Students who perform exceptionally and meet the eligibility requirements can receive monetary scholarships, silver or gold medals and an official commendation document signed by the Campus  Executive.

For more information on our scholarship programs, please visit: www.jcub.edu.au/future-students/scholarships/