JCU Brisbane Student Association Attend Leadership Training Course

Last month our JCU Brisbane Student Association attended a leadership training course facilitated by Pete Mcauliffe from Unleashing Personal Potential.

The training consisted of two separate sessions that covered team building and putting ideas into action.

JCU Brisbane Student Association member, Dorjee, said,

“Both the sessions were different from each other yet taught similar values of leadership and team work. There were many activities that the attendees participated in, as teams and learning to work together to cultivate the values of sharing, resilience, empathy and successful leadership.”


Throughout these sessions, Student Association members learnt important leadership skills such as resilience, project planning, strategic thinking and good communication.

A total of 14 executive Student Association members attended this training program. For more information on Unleashing Personal Potential, please visit: www.unleashingpersonalpotential.com.au/