JCU Brisbane Partnership with Moggill State School

It is with great pleasure that we announce that JCU Brisbane has established a mutual partnership arrangement with an Australian primary school – Moggill State School (MSS) for placement. This is a new JCU Brisbane initiative and a great opportunity for all our MEd/MBA students to participate. Students will have the prospect of attending and observing all year levels from Prep to Year 6 to examine the teaching and learning practices at MSS (including special programs such as HPE, Music, LOTE and STEM) and potentially volunteering to provide some assistance in the classroom. The intention of this initiative is for the students to have real-life practical experience, make connections between theory and practice through the interaction with students and staff in a primary school setting.

This week four of our MEd/MBA students (Lina, Tiffany, Margaret and Tanya) met with Mr Paul Niner – Acting Principal of MSS to do their placement orientation and also started their very first placement. They will be attending MSS once a week over a period of 10 weeks. The feedback that we have received so far is absolutely fantastic. Having this great opportunity will help our MEd/MBA students to better understand the Australian educational system, learn new teaching pedagogy and practices that they can share with their institutions back home while enhancing their professional skills.

Special acknowledgement and thanks to Jennifer Ah-Fock (JCU Brisbane Associate Dean) for taking this initiative and Moggill State School for their great support in providing an excellent learning platform for our MEd/MBA students.