///JCU Brisbane Bike Club Ride December 2018

JCU Brisbane Bike Club Ride December 2018

Over the weekend the JCU Brisbane Bike Club ventured off on their second ride of the year. Here is Doctor Ian Kirkwood’s report:

The sky was cloudy, and the day looked gloomy. Was rain on the horizon? Would we get wet? Would the ride be cancelled? All six motorcycle riders agreed we would ride and not be deterred by bad weather. After all, we were bikers and bikers were tough. Really! Hopefully!
At 8:40am we left JCU Brisbane and headed out for a great day’s riding. We rode through Fortitude valley to the Gateway Motorway where we headed north to Redcliffe. Dr Ian was the rider leader and he took the group along the waterfront at Redcliffe to the Bee Gees Way. Salman Bin Tariq was the ‘tail-end rider’ and he made sure everyone was safe.
Our first stop at Redcliffe allowed us time to walk through the Bee Gees Way to experience the music and the whole history of the Gibbs family. This was terrific. We then had some food and drinks at a sidewalk café where we chatted overlooking the sea. We had to teach Dr Ian how to set up WhatsApp on his phone ‘cos he’s not good with technology.

Photo: JCU Brisbane Bike Club poses at their first stop along their bike ride.

We left Redcliffe and headed west to Old Petrie Town where we caught up with some of Queensland’s history. This was amazing, particularly the museum with old trucks and steam engines. Ice creams and drinks were needed as it was a really warm day. But so far, zero rain.
We were nervous about heading north to Mt Mee due to the possibility of rain and wet winding roads, so we rode west through Dayboro and south to Samford Village. This was a great ride where we were able to ride swiftly but safely through long sweeping bends and long straights with minimal traffic.
As we were walking to a café in Samford Village, Dr Ian saw his friend’s bikes outside the Samford hotel so we went in and met them. Coffee and soft drinks and a great chat with other motorcyclists. Wow! This was fantastic.
We then found out that there was a safety award and Dr Ian discussed the concept of safe riding and in conjunction with the Bike club president, Vijay Kota, awarded a safety certificate plus a $200 gift certificate (for safety clothes), to Suraj Rawalkol. Congrats Suraj!
We left Samford Village and headed back to Brisbane, totally satisfied from a great outing, and absolutely, no rain! Bring on the next ride.
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