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JCU has flexible advanced standing arrangements with other universities and vocational education providers.  If you have completed a degree, diploma or university subjects, you may be entitled to advanced standing.

Advanced Standing Assessor

The Advanced Standing Assessor is intended as a guide in helping you plan your studies at JCU and does not guarantee entry into your chosen course.  The information provided is only an indication of the possible advanced standing granted for your course.  A formal determination of your advanced standing status will be done at the time you submit your application and supporting documents.

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Applying For Advanced Standing

If you have completed subjects at another institution, or as part of a different degree at JCU,  it may be possible to credit some subjects to your current degree.

Students requesting credit as a result of changing course should complete the advanced standing section of your Course Transfer form.

If you are a new student, we encourage you to submit your advanced standing application when you lodge your Offer response form.  This will allow sufficient processing time before Orientation Week.

Please attach a certified copy of your academic record if your studies were undertaken at another institution, along with a description of the subjects undertaken from the relevant Student Handbook.  This is not necessary for studies undertaken at JCU.  All documents MUST be supplied in English.

If the allocation of credit will influence your subject selection you will need to have submitted an application at least two weeks before the study period begins in order to ensure that any enrolment changes can be processed before the census date.  If you are planning to attend an enrolment Help Session you should submit your application at least two weeks before the date of your session.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you withdraw (by the census date) from any enrolled subjects that you have received advanced standing for – otherwise you will be financially liable for these subjects.

Students should complete and submit an Application for Advanced Standing to:

James Cook University Brisbane
349 Queen Street
Brisbane, Queensland 4000

Alternatively, you can email the completed application to the JCU Brisbane Admissions department: admissions@jcub.edu.au