Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Events

This program incorporates pertinent knowledge from a variety of the disciplines which underpin studies of tourism, hospitality and events systems. The introductory business units provide a meaningful foundation to the study of the concepts and principles relating to sustainability, cultures and people.

These themes permeate the food and beverage management, project management, tourism and leisure management, conference and event management aspects of the course which form the basis of operational activities involving the cross – cultural management of people.

This foundation is supplemented by studies relating to innovation in hospitality operations management, revenue and yield management, visitor and crowd behaviour management and destination management and planning. Success in these areas is essential to survive and prosper in the competitive business environments embraced by this degree.

CRICOS Course Code: 0101080

Course Structure
The program of 24 subjects is made up of:

  • Core [Eight (7) subjects] +
  • Major [Twelve (12) subjects] +
  • Leading to Work [One (1) subject]
  • Electives [Four (4) subjects] from any JCU Brisbane undergraduate program

Core Subjects
Level 1

  • BU1002 Accounting for Decision Making
  • BU1007 Principles of Data Analysis for Business
  • BU1104 Introduction to Management Concepts and Application
  • BU1105 Business Communication
  • BU1108 Marketing Matters
  • BU1112 Business Law
  • TO1008 Introduction to Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management

Level 2

  • BX2051 Managing People
  • BX2091 Tourism and Leisure Management
  • BX2094 Conference and Events Management
  • BX2077 Project Management
  • BX2174 Evidence-Based Business Decision Making
  • TO2117 Food and Beverage Management
  • TO2051 Innovation for Tourism and Hospitality Futures

Level 3

  • TO3052 Experience Design in  Tourism, Hospitality and Events
  • TO3153 Revenue and Yield Management
  • BX3095 Visitor and Crowd Management
  • BX3193 Hospitality Operations Management
  • BX3194 Destination Management and Planning

Leading To Work Subject
One subject (3 credit points) from:

  • BU3101*
  • BU3102
  • BU3103

4 subjects as follows:

3 subjects (9 credit points) from any Level 1 or Level 2 or Level 3 undergraduate subjects
1 subject (3 credit points) from any Level 2 or Level 3 undergraduate subjects.

Standard Trimester: 8 (2.5 Years)

Subject Total: 24

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When graduating from JCU Brisbane, students will be exposed to an exciting career scope. As a Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Events graduate, you will be prepared to work in a variety of settings – from small business and community organisations to multinational companies and large scale industries.

Potential Career Options

  • Cafe Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Conference and Event Coordinator
  • Duty Manager
  • Travel Agent/Consultant
  • Venue Manager
  • Hotel Front Office Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Functions Supervisor
  • Tour Operator
  • Event and Conference Organiser