Master of Business Administration (Leadership)

James Cook University’s MBA (Leadership) focuses on developing the skills and knowledge required by today’s aspiring and existing leaders in an ever changing globalised world.

The program equips you to lead the next generation of emerging businesses and will develop the way you approach the management of people, organisations and change.

CRICOS Course Code: 095864K

Course Structure
The MBA (Leadership) program is made up of 15 core subjects and one (1) optional subject that can be selected from a list of Postgraduate Business, IT, Hospitality or Accounting subjects on offer at JCU Brisbane. Check the website for further details.

Core Subjects

  • C05119 Business Law
  • LB5202 Marketing Management
  • LB5203 Sustainable Enterprise
  • LB5205 People in Organisations
  • LB5212 Accounting and Finance for Managers
  • LB5228 The Changing Business Environment
  • LB5229 Economics for a Sustainable World
  • LB5230 Managing Strategic Resources and Operations
  • LB5231 Corporate Responsibility and Governance
  • LB5233 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • LB5235 Practical or Research Project
  • LB5236 Comparative Global Business Systems
  • LB5240 Cross Cultural Leadership
  • LB5241 Organisational Leadership
  • LB5242 Value Creation Leadership

Elective Subjects

Choose any Level 5 subject.

Standard Trimester: 6 (2 Years)

Subject Total: 16

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Academic Entry Requirements
Completion of a recognised and appropriate bachelor degree in any discipline.

AQF Framework
National policy changes as part of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) mean that all master level programs will need to be of two years duration where a student does not have an undergraduate degree in a cognate discipline. Students with an undergraduate degree in a cognate discipline will be eligible to complete a 1.5 year master degree.

For JCU, duration of two years is equivalent to 16 subjects. At present most of the business masters by coursework programs are 12 subjects (1.5 years of full time study)

Following a 3 year Level 7 qualification in a non-cognate discipline, master degree must be 2 years in duration. If the Level 7 qualification is in the same discipline area they may be 1.5 years.

An MBA (Leadership) qualification lends itself to a variety of careers, and the substantial investment is almost certain to be reflected in increased earning potential. MBA candidates graduate with exposure to an array of business areas including; finance, human resources, operations, economics and marketing. What this means for students is improved career opportunities. Furthermore, an MBA qualification equips students with the knowledge and skills required to run their own business.

Potential Career Opportunities

  • Management Consultant
  • Managing Director
  • Operations Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • General Manager
  • Investment Banker
  • Financial Manager

Note: This program does not lead to eligibility for Teacher Registration in Australia.