Expert tips for first-year students

The transition from high school to university can be quite daunting. It’s a new chapter in your life and one that you’re the narrator of. You get to make all the decisions and path your own path.

How can you be successful at university though? This is the question all first-years think of when they begin university. There’s no crash course to surviving university, but with these expert tips from your JCU Brisbane lecturing staff, you will be able to hit the ground running.

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Photo: Ian Kirkwood assists students with study

Julija Ovnic

Don’t skip classes, have a positive attitude and talk to your lecturers – they can be a great source of information 🙂

Ian Kirkwood

My tips:

  1. Find and make 3 friends asap
  2. Meet your Associate Dean to get great tips
  3. Plan time for class, study, rest, exercise
  4. Develop good habits
  5. Have fun – it’s not all serious

Brett Vance

My biggest tip for new students is “You are not alone”: there are multiple clubs on campus to join for free where you can meet people, make friendships and have fun/learn new skills/go on outings for free or cheap etc. etc., the level 2 learning hub staff are more than happy to take time out to have a chat or discuss and assist with any concerns or problems you may be having.

Yulin Liu

My advice to 1st students are:

1) check your JCU email inbox at least once a day.

2) don’t hesitate to ask your teacher when you have a question.

3) plan and start your assignments early.

Jo-Anne Clark

I would suggest that students start their assignments early.  Have a full draft at least 1-2 weeks before it is due, so they can begin the editing process.