Double Degrees – Why Two is Better Than One!

If you’re a past, present or future student, then you’ve probably heard of the term ‘double degree’. If you haven’t though, a double degree (also known as joint, dual or combined degree) is the grouping of two degrees, whether that be at a bachelor or masters level.

The growing enthusiasm for double degrees over the past decade has led to universities offering students more study paths and options. Why would you study one degree when you can do two in minimal time?

The benefits of studying a double degree

The benefits are infinite (well maybe not infinite, but the benefits do outweigh the disadvantages) and to save you time, we have broken it down into 4 short bullet points.

1. Save Time

Completing two master’s degrees can sound rather time consuming and no one wants to be out of the workforce longer than necessary. This can be the case for some university programs but when you complete a joint master’s at JCU Brisbane, you will be able to complete it in the same time as a singular master degree. You’re probably thinking “What’s the catch?” Well, there isn’t one. For example, you can complete a Master of Business Administration in the same time it would take to complete a Master of International Hospitality & Tourism Management – Master of Business Administration (MITHM-MBA).

2. Cost Effective

As our joint master’s degrees are completed in the same time length as a singular master degree you will save a lot of money compared to completing two individual master programs which would otherwise take an additional two years of study.

Another cost-effective attribute that occurs when you complete a double degree is mutual crediting. Mutual crediting occurs when two degrees are combined, and mandatory courses overlap in both programs. This is demonstrated in the JCU Brisbane MITHM-MBA degree where the ‘LB5235 Practical or Research Project’ course overlaps in both the MITHM and MBA degree.

3. Learn more

This bullet point is quite straightforward. Completing two degrees = more knowledge. Knowledge is power and having double the qualifications will be a valuable asset when applying for jobs and graduate programs. The job market is quite competitive and any advantage over your competitors is vital.

4. Gain twice the connections

If you choose to undertake a joint master’s degree at JCU Brisbane, you will be able to explore both professions and gain twice the connections. More the merrier, right? As a joint degree student, you will have the opportunity to network in both fields, explore both professions and ultimately decide at the end of your study what career path you would like to pursue.

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