Professional Student Advocates are available to assist with any academic concerns. They will clarify options available to you and, if you so wish, help you to pursue appropriate action. Your discussion with the advocate is confidential. Any action will only be taken with your consent.

Examples of our Services:

  • Interpreting university Policies and Procedures
  • Protecting student rights
  • Appeals and hearings
  • Plagiarism hearings
  • Academic Misconduct Hearings
  • Review of individual piece of assessment
  • Appeal of final subject grade process
  • Examination support including deferrals
  • Special Consideration for assessment and examinations
  • Academic progression and Statement of Reasons
  • Complaints and feedback
  • Discrimination and harassment

Working 15 Hours Per Week.

If not on Campus, preferred contact method is by email to Please allow 5 working days response time by email.