Borrowing Guide

JCU Brisbane students are automatically registered as members of the Resource Centre. As a student member of the Resource Centre you must:

  • Comply with JCU Brisbane borrowing conditions and policies
  • Use your current student ID card to borrow resources
  • Not borrow for others or use anyone else’s ID card to borrow

You can borrow a maximum of 8 books at a time. Lending times are as follows:

Prescribed Text BooksGeneral CollectionReference CollectionMacBook Air Laptops*Locker Keys
4 day loan + 1 renewal7 day loan + 1 renewal2 hour loan (in-library use) no renewals5 hour loan (on-campus use) no renewals1 day loan

Note: All laptops, Reference Collection books and locker keys must be returned to staff at least 30 minutes before closing.

*Students will need to complete a Loan Agreement and Credit Card Authorisation Form (to value of $100.00) before borrowing laptops. Laptops cannot be taken outside the JCU Brisbane building.

Loan Renewals
Prescribed and General Collection textbook loans can be renewed (extended) once only. You cannot renew a loan which is on reserve or more than 1 day late.


  • Authorised Resource Centre Users may reserve library items by phone or email, online or in person
  • A maximum of 3 reservations is permitted at any one time
  • Resource Centre users will be notified via email when their item/s are ready for collection
  • Reserved items will be returned to the shelves if not collected by 6:00pm on the day following notification to the Resource Centre User

Overdue Loans
Overdue books will attract demerit point penalties:

Prescribed Textbooks10 points per day
General Collection2 points per day
Reference Collection5 points per loan
Locker keys5 points per day
MacBook Air Laptop50 points per day

Your borrowing rights will be suspended when:

  • You have reached a penalty limit of 50 points or more.
  • Prescribed text books are 5 days overdue
  • General Collection items are 14 days overdue

Note: You are personally responsible for all items borrowed from the Resource Centre. Please contact us if you have lost or damaged an item.