Borrowing Guide SP22-2020

JCU Brisbane students are automatically registered as members of the Resource Centre. As a student member of the Resource Centre you must:

  • Comply with JCU Brisbane borrowing conditions and policies
    • Please be advised that Resource Centre staff do not have authority to waive fees or make adjustments unless in exceptional circumstances. All requests outside of these need to be addressed to
  • Use your current student ID card to borrow resources
  • Not borrow for others or use anyone else’s ID card to borrow
  • Please read The Resource Centre Environment Policy for more information.
You can borrow a maximum of 8 books at a time. Lending times are as follows:
2-hour Reference books4-day Textbooks7-day TextbooksLaptops & Laptop AccessoriesLocker Keys/Games/CalculatorsFiction Books
2 hours4 days7 days7 days (including completed agreement form)On-the-day (must be returned before close of business on the same day)30 days

All borrowers agree to the below terms and conditions:

  • borrow no more than 5 items at one time
  • comply with all staff directions
  • adhere to below loan terms
  • refer to The Resource Centre Environment Policy

Note: All laptops, Reference Collection books and locker keys must be returned to staff at least 30 minutes before closing.

*Students will need to complete a Loan Agreement and Credit Card Authorisation Form (to value of $100.00) before borrowing laptops. Laptops cannot be taken outside the JCU Brisbane building.

Loan Renewals

Prescribed and General Collection textbook loans can be renewed (extended) once only. You cannot renew a loan which is on reserve or more than 1 day late.

Reissue of the loan can only be granted if:

  • there are sufficient books on the shelf to meet demand
  • the book has not been renewed
  • advised by phone 07 3001 7813, email or in person at front desk
  • requested one day before due date, or on the due date

Overdue Items

All items must be returned on or before due date and time. The items can be returned in the drop box on Level 2, 349 Queen Street.

A daily $ penalty applies for each day overdue (refer to table). Should your account reach $60.00 you may be suspended from borrowing. You may pay $25 to reduce the $ value under the threshold and continue to borrow. Noting that each day overdue on a new borrow will incur a further penalty. A penalty remaining on your account may be required to be paid upon completion of studies.

2-hour Reference$25 per hour
4-day Textbooks$25 per day
7-day Textbooks$25 per day
Locker keys/Games/Calculators25 points per day
Laptops and accessories$25 per day
Fiction Books$2 per day

Lost or Damaged Items

  • Items which are returned in a damaged condition (excluding general wear and tear) incurs repair fees or replacement fees which must be paid for by the borrower.
  • Any item which is lost must be replaced by the borrower. Alternatively, the borrower may pay the replacement value of the item.

Replacement Guidelines

ItemRepair/Replacement Fee
Laptop Accessories$20-$100
Fiction Books$15-$60


Any appeals to penalties must be made in writing, be addressed to The Resource Centre Manager and emailed to from your official student email address. All appeals will be considered carefully and a decision will be made and responded to within 7 business days from date of receipt.