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Library Rules

Our Library exists, for the use of staff and students. Anyone may enter the library and use publicly housed information resources within the facility providing they conform to all rules and policies in force at the time.

Conditions of Use

  • Authorised Library Users are required to produce a valid Student ID when requested by library staff.
  • Authorised Library Users must ensure that the library has their correct name and contact details.
  • The Campus Librarian determines the conditions of use and the charges for any equipment, facilities or service provided by the library.
  • Borrowing of print collections is restricted to Authorised Library Users and is subject to the Borrowing Guide.
  • Information resources may not be taken out of the library unless they have been borrowed through the appropriate loan process.

Library Users – Rules of Acceptable Behaviour
Library users will:

  • Show valid identification upon request
  • Respect the library space, property and equipment
  • Use library resources (content, equipment, or facilities) safely and appropriately
  • Not engage in any behaviour deemed by library staff likely to cause damage to information resources.
  • Adhere to all notices and signage
  • Respect Copyright legislation Part B copying limits when scanning, photocopying or printing within the Library space.
  • Respect other library users and treat others with mutual respect and consideration
  • Engage in quiet conversation .
  • Not make noise perceived to be disturbing to other patrons.
  • Switch mobile phones to silent or vibrate mode while in the library.
  • Not consume food or drink (except bottled water) within the library.
  • Submit bags and cases for inspection upon request by library staff.
  • Not leave personal belongings unattended. The library accepts no responsibility for personal belongings left unattended. Unattended items may be removed by staff .
  • Not enter non-public areas of the library except by invitation.
  • Not attempt to remain in the library when it is closed.
  • Not leave unattended children within the library.
  • Comply with licenses and contractual agreements associated with electronic resources, respecting computer and software use regulations.
  • Comply with any lawful direction from a library staff member.

Conditions of Borrowing

  • A borrower must comply with all borrowing conditions and policies as determined by the Campus Librarian and approved by the Campus Director.
  • Student borrowing limits are set out in the Borrowing Guide.
  • Borrowers must use their current Student ID card.
    • Students may not lend their Student ID to another student for the purposes of borrowing library resources or borrow resources on behalf of another student.
  • A borrower accepts complete responsibility for the care of information resources borrowed.
  • All information resources must be returned in good condition to the designated place on, or before, the due date or time indicated.
    • Information resources will be deemed not to have been returned until such time as the item/s, are processed by library staff.
  • The Campus Librarian shall have the power to recall any information resources before the expiration of the period of the loan.
    • Recalled resources must be returned within two working days of the recall notice, or they may attract a late return penalty.
    • Borrower’s may negotiate (by email or phone or in person) a return date for recalled library items if they are unable to return recalled items within the specified period.
  • Students must return all library resources on or by their Close of Study date.
  • Faculty and staff must return all library resources on or by their final day of employment.