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Borrowing Guide

JCU Brisbane students are automatically registered as members of the Library. As a student member of the library you must:

  • Comply with JCU Brisbane borrowing conditions and policies
  • Use your current student ID card to borrow library resources
  • Not borrow for others or use anyone else’s ID card to borrow

You can borrow a maximum of 8 books at a time. Lending times are as follows:

Prescribed Text Books General Collection Reference Collection MacBook Air Laptops* Locker Keys
4 day loan + 1 renewal 7 day loan + 1 renewal 2 hour loan (in-library use) no renewals 5 hour loan (on-campus use) no renewals 1 day loan

Note: All laptops, Reference Collection books and locker keys must be returned to staff at least 30 minutes before closing.

*Students will need to complete a Loan Agreement and Credit Card Authorisation Form (to value of $100.00) before borrowing laptops. Laptops cannot be taken outside the JCU Brisbane building.

Loan Renewals
Prescribed and General Collection textbook loans can be renewed (extended) once only. You cannot renew a loan which is on reserve or more than 1 day late.


  • Authorised Library Users may reserve library items by phone or email, online or in person
  • A maximum of 3 reservations is permitted at any one time
  • Library users will be notified via email when their item/s are ready for collection
  • Reserved items will be returned to the shelves if not collected by 6:00pm on the day following notification to the Library User

Overdue Loans
Overdue library books will attract demerit point penalties:

Loan Points
Prescribed Textbooks 10 points per day
General Collection 2 points per day
Reference Collection 5 points per loan
Locker keys 5 points per day
MacBook Air Laptop 50 points per day

Your borrowing rights will be suspended when:

  • You have reached a penalty limit of 50 points or more.
  • Prescribed text books are 5 days overdue
  • General Collection items are 14 days overdue

Note: You are personally responsible for all items borrowed from the Library. Please contact us if you have lost of damaged a library resource.