Congratulations and welcome to James Cook University Brisbane Registration.

This is a self-guided process that we recommend you commence as soon as possible.  Registration will not be considered finalised until all the steps are completed.

For any enquiries regarding Registration:

  • email
  • call +61 7 3001 7800
  • or visit Student Services – Ground Floor, 349 Queen Street, Brisbane 4000.

Allow 10 minutes

Your computer account gives you access to a number of JCU’s online facilities, including your email account and internet access. You will receive:

  • Username (jcXXXXXX) – required to login to JCU portals, LearnJCU, eStudent
  • Student Email Address – required to login to JCU student email
  • Password – create your own password to use in conjunction with your username and student email address.

Get Started at JCU

Enter your eight-digit student ID number with no spaces, which you can find on your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), under section C. If you do not have a CoE, please contact your agent.

  • Avoid common words. Don’t be tempted to use a common password that is easy to remember but offers zero security. e.g. “password”, “letmein” or key sequences that can easily be repeated. e.g. “qwerty123″,”asdf1234” or your date of birth. Use EIGHT (8) characters or you will be unable to access your email account.
  • Write down your username, student email address and password and keep in a safe place.

Contact if you have any problems.

Allow 60 minutes

This section requires you to answer the International Student Guide Quiz by browsing our website, accessing the JCU Brisbane – International Student Guide and gaining an understanding of where to access necessary and helpful information. Click the buttons below to access the quiz and information.

Quiz information       Take quiz

Allow 15 minutes

Activate Student Email

Due to privacy and security guidelines, all student-university email communication must be via your official JCU email account. Student enquiry emails from any other email addresses will not be accepted.  It is important to check your JCU email on a regular basis as this is where you will be sent notices about your enrolment, progression and any changes to your schedule.

To activate/access your JCU Student Email go to the Student Portal and click on the link ‘Student Email’.

To log in you will need:

  • JCU email address
  • Password

Setting up your Student Email account:

  • Select City Time Zone: Brisbane UTC + 10
  • Select Language: English Australian

If you have any issues logging into your JCU email account, please send an email stating your issue, from your personal email account to with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Student ID Number
  • Username (jcxxxxxx)
  • Date of Birth
  • Name of your course

Submit Photo for Student ID

Upload a photograph of your head and shoulders to be used on your student ID card. Only clear and correct photos will be accepted (see example below).  Photos of other photos are unacceptable.

You will be sent a text message when your card is available for collection. You will only be eligible once you have completed all steps of the registration process.

Allow 30 minutes

eStudent is where you will manage your personal details, view any sanctions you may have, enrol and withdraw from subjects, view your tuition fees, check your results, and generate an unofficial transcript.

Students can access via the Student Portal and click on the link ‘eStudent’.

You will need:

  • Log in with your Username (jcXXXXX) and Password.
  • The address where you will be living in Queensland
  • Australian mobile phone number
  • Personal email address
  • Emergency contact details

Click on “My Details” tab

In the blue box on the left-hand side, click on “Contact Details”

Under each of the following headings enter required details and click Save:

  • My Addresses – select ‘Add New’ – Semester Residential Address and add where you are living in Queensland
  • My Phone Numbers – select ‘Add New’ – Mobile Phone and your Australian mobile phone number
  • My Email Addresses – select ‘Add New’ – Personal Email and enter your personal email address
  • My Emergency Contact – select ‘Add New’, and enter the details (add at least one contact in Australia)

As a student visa holder, you must update eStudent of any changes to your semester residential address or mobile phone number within 7 days of the change occurring.

If you do not yet know your Australian Semester Residential Address or Phone Number, you can come back to this step as soon as you have this information, however you will not be able to proceed to Step 4 – Self-Enrolment until you have updated eStudent with your Australian contact details.

If you do not have a QLD semester residential address you will be ineligible for public transport (Translink) student concession fares.

Allow 40 minutes

Have you been granted Credit for your previous studies in your JCU Brisbane offer?

If you have been granted Credit for your course, please read and follow the instructions in the “Accept Previous Credit” email in your student email inbox prior to continuing with the self-enrolment instructions below.

Self-Enrolment Instructions

The steps to enrol are the same for each study period. You must choose your subjects, check your timetable, and then enrol online.

Is your Course the Postgraduate Qualifying Program?

*Students admitted in the PQP must Self-enrol into three (3) subjects and then request enrolment into the fourth (4th) subject by emailing from your student email account.

Allow 3 hours

As a university student you are responsible for your own learning and you will be required to meet academic standards set by JCU Brisbane.  To facilitate your success, you will be required to attend the Essential Academic Skills Workshop as part of the registration process.  This workshop will introduce you to the practices and requirements to meet the academic standards.  Topics covered will include essential researching, note taking, writing and behavioural skills.

Workshops will be held on campus and you must attend one session only. You can check the Registration & Orientation Program for details and then click here to choose a date and time suitable to you.

During the workshop, you will read and accept the New Student Agreement for your studies at JCU Brisbane.  Click here to commence reading.

Allow Full Day – Friday, 8 November 2019 @ 9.30am Room 303

Orientation Day is compulsory and details are available here – Registration & Orientation Program.  Attendance is important to provide you with an understanding of what is expected of you as a student, this will also ensure you are fully equipped to excel in your chosen program. It is your opportunity to meet the Campus Director, the Associate Deans and key support staff. At the same time, you will be able to familiarise yourself with the new surroundings and make new friends along the way.

You are required to:

  • Bring your passport/photo ID and your CoE
  • Arrive early to have your name marked off for attendance

If you are unable to attend, you will need to see Student Services or email