Self enrolment opens in week 8 for the following study period.  See Self Enrolment Information for details.

Self enrolment must be open – Self enrolment commences in week 8 and closes the day before lectures commence.

If you’re still unable to enrol one of the following may apply to you:

  • You may need to confirm your personal details in eStudent before you can proceed. See Step 3 on the Self-Enrolment Information page of the website.
  • You may have a sanction due to outstanding tuition fees. Login to eStudent, check My Finances and arrange payment. Once the payment has been received, it will take up to 24 hours for eStudent to be updated and the sanction lifted.
  • You may not have permission to enrol in future study periods due to progression restrictions. Upon release of grades you will be required to meet with the Manager Teaching and Learning to discuss your future enrolment.

If you don’t believe you fall into any of the above categories, please send an email from your jcu email account to

No, not all subjects are offered every trimester. If you are studying Bachelor of Business (Accounting, Hospitality & Tourism Management and Management majors), MEd / MBA, MITHM, MITHM-MBA, or MIT (Computing and Networking) then some of the core subjects will only be available in alternate trimesters.

Consult your recommended study plan and subject search for more information on subject availability.

A full study load at JCU Brisbane is 3 subjects. Undertaking an overload of 4 subjects is not recommended as there is an increased risk of failure and you would be responsible for any adverse academic consequence.

If you have a strong academic history and have successfully completed all enrolled subjects, you may be eligible to study a fourth subject. Upon release of grades please send an email from your jcu email account outlining the reasons why you wish to study an additional subject together with the subject code, to  Your request will be considered by the Senior Associate Dean Academic.

Please note it is not possible to request an overload if you are a commencing student.

International student visa-holders must enrol in the full load (3 subjects) for each of the compulsory study periods unless they have been advised in writing by an Associate Dean to take a reduced load or they have only one or two subjects remaining to complete their course.

Please see Enrolment Requirements for International Student Visa Holders Policy.

If you believe that you have compassionate and / or compelling circumstances as to why you cannot maintain a full load, please send an email from your jcu email account with supporting evidence to so your request may be considered by the Senior Associate Dean Academic.

If you are studying less than the full load, regardless of the reason, you will not be eligible for a tertiary concession fare. See Translink’s Eligibility Criteria for Tertiary Concession Fares.

JCU Brisbane lecturers take a keen interest in all student’s academic progress and wellbeing. Attendance records are taken and checked regularly, especially in the first 3 weeks of study.  Some classes are marked against group assessments and participation.

Check the Tuition Fee Payment Due Date for the study period on the Key Dates page of the website.

You can check the amount due by logging in to eStudent and checking My Finances.  At the bottom of the page, click ‘Email my Fee Statement / Tax Invoice for the last 30 days’ and you will be sent an invoice including the JCU Brisbane bank account details.  You can also pay by EFTPOS or credit card at Student Services on the ground floor.  Please ensure the card holder is present and you have your student ID card.

It is possible to make multiple payments up until Tuition Fee Payment Due Date.

Failure to make full payment on or before Tuition Fee Payment Due Date will lead to you:

  • Having a TUI sanction, meaning you will be unable to view your grades or download an unofficial transcript in eStudent, nor enrol in any future study periods
  • Being unable to be issued with any official university documentation (eg, enrolment letter or finance letter)
  • Being ineligible for your bursary payment (should you have one)
  • Being withdrawn from your course and having your CoE reported to the Department of Home Affairs for non-payment of fees

It is possible to generate an Enrolment Advice through eStudent, which will be emailed to your jcu email account.  View My Study Plans and then view ‘Current Enrolment’, click ‘Email my Enrolment Advice’ at the bottom of the page.

If this is not sufficient for your needs, complete the Request for JCUB Student Letter Form and submit via email to with a brief statement outlining the reason you need the enrolment letter.

Please ensure that you have no outstanding fees and that you are enrolled in the current study period.  You will also need to be enrolled in the upcoming study period if self-enrolment has already commenced.

Login to eStudent and check My Finances to ensure you have no outstanding fees, and My Results and Graduation to ensure that the desired results have been released before completing an application for Academic Record.  See Academic Records for information on how to apply.

Complete the Request for JCUB Student Letter Form and submit via email to with a brief statement outlining the reason you need the finance letter.

Please note if it is past Tuition Fee Payment Due Date for the current study period then you will not be issued with a letter until you have made payment of your fees.

Send an email from your jcu email account to outlining your request.  Please expect 3 – 5 working days for processing. You may be required to attend an appointment with the Manager Teaching and Learning prior to your CoE being extended.

You will need to contact the Department of Home Affairs for any questions in relation to your visa.  Their website is and they can be contacted from within Australia on 131 811.

Send an email from your jcu email account to outlining your request.

Check the course structure for your current course and the course you wish to transfer into, to see which subjects may be eligible to credit across.

Complete the Postgraduate Course Transfer Application Form or Undergraduate Course Transfer Application Form and email it from your jcu email account , together with a statement outlining why you wish to change courses, to

You may be invited to attend an interview.  There may be changes to your fee structure and if you have a scholarship, it may also be affected; you will be given further information regarding this once your application has been received and reviewed.

The last day to apply for a course transfer is the last day of exams.  If your application is approved, and an offer issued, you must accept the offer by Friday before O week.  You will receive an email regarding online registration and enrolment.  Once you have registered and enrolled, and grades have been released from your previous course, you will be sent a CoE for your new course.

It’s not possible to change your principal course in your first trimester however see I’m in a Masters and I want to change course for information on how to change in your second trimester.

Send an email from your jcu email account to for more information and advice on which subjects to enrol in your first trimester.

Depending on the subjects you have previously completed this may be possible. There is a processing fee of $20 which can be paid using the Student Request Form. Please complete the Application for Advanced Standing and forward, with the Student Request Form and official transcripts to for assessment.

Note that credit cannot be transferred from an Undergraduate degree to a Postgraduate degree.

You may have a sanction due to outstanding tuition fees. Login to eStudent, check My Finances and arrange payment.  Once the payment has been received, it will take up to 24 hours for eStudent to be updated and the sanction lifted.

Please check the Academic Calendar to find out when the vacation period is.

International student visa-holders, can only take a Leave of Absence (LoA) from studies in very limited circumstances.  Please see the JCU Leave of Absence from Study Policy in particular, Clause 1.4 International students.

If you believe your situation meets the requirements for LoA, go to Student Portal then click on ‘Leave of Absence’ in order to make an online application.  You will need your JC username and password.

You will be asked to provide a statement and attach supporting evidence (in English).  Please ensure you have this evidence ready to upload when submitting your application as your application will not be assessed without it.

All study periods at JCU Brisbane are compulsory study periods.  Please see ‘I want to take a break from study, can I do that?’ for more information on situations in which you may be able to take a break from your studies.

Before withdrawing, it’s a good idea to consider the different options and resources available to you.  JCU Brisbane has on campus services to help you adjust to university life in Australia and to help you succeed with your studies.

The Learning Hub

Learning Advisers will give practical advice and strategies to master the academic literacy and numeracy skills to study successfully. Working closely with the Faculty to ensure the help offered is targeted towards your studies.

Student Mentor Program

Connect with a student mentor to help you adjust to life in Australia or to help you learn valuable study skills and provide support and encouragement to achieve your academic goals.

Student Counselling Service

Provides individual counselling sessions for academic or personal issues; large or small. We recommend you see the JCU Brisbane counsellor before your problem becomes a major concern.

International student visa-holders must remain enrolled in a registered course at the same level or higher than the registered course for which the visa was granted and are unable to transfer between registered providers prior to completing six calendar months of their principal course except in limited circumstances.  The principal course is generally the final course of study if the student is studying a package of courses.

If you wish to transfer prior to completing six months of study in your principal course you must request release from JCU Brisbane or meet one of the other conditions outlined in the National Code.

Please see Transfer of International Student Visa Holders to Other Educational Institutions and Standard 7: Overseas Student Transfers for more information.

If you have already completed six months in your principal course, or wish to apply for release, please Request to Withdraw from Course.  If you have not yet completed 6 months of your principal course you will also be required to submit a statement and provide evidence to support your request (eg, return flight tickets, medical certificates and/or Letter of Offer from another education provider if you are requesting release to transfer provider).  All students approved for withdrawal will be required to return their student ID and JCU Brisbane swipe access card.  If the swipe access card has been lost, a $25 fee will be applicable and is payable by completing the Student Request Form and submitting via email to .

If you proceed to withdraw from JCU Brisbane your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) will be reported on to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and there may be implications on your student visa.  As an international student it is your responsibility to comply with your student visa conditions while in Australia, including continuing to study, and to contact DHA if your circumstances change.  DHA contact details can be found on their website at or you can also contact them from within Australia on 131 881.

Please see the response to Is it possible to enrol in only 2 subjects?

Note that it is not possible to add or substitute a subject without the approval of the subject coordinator 6 days after the commencement of the study period.

Students withdrawing after census date will be liable for all fees associated with their enrolment unless approved by International Student Finance and must complete a separate application for Early Withdrawal without Financial Penalty.

For students withdrawing after the last day for subject withdrawal, an Academic Penalty will also be incurred against any enrolled subjects unless approved by the Senior Associate Dean Academic.

See Withdrawal without Financial Penalty for more information including information on how to apply.

You can access the campus from 7:30am to 9pm Monday to Friday, however a security swipe card is required for entry after 6:30pm and on weekends and public holidays from 7:30am to 6pm.

To register an item you have lost, or return an item you have found, see the Library staff on Level 2.

If your student ID card is lost, stolen or damaged you can obtain a replacement card at the cost of $15. Please complete the Student Request Form and submit via email to You can upload a new photograph using the Student ID card portal, or indicate in the body of your email that you would like your existing photograph to be