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5 tips to meet your Assessment Deadlines during the Covid19- Study from home period

24 April 2020|

5 tips to meet your Assessment Deadlines during the Covid19- Study from home period As a lecturer I get multiple emails daily from students who are concerned they cannot meet their deadlines for assignments. But now, we have time more than ever to get things done -so why can’t we [...]

What to do once you graduate

18 September 2019|

What to do once you graduate Congratulations on finishing your studies. Completing a tertiary level qualification is no easy task. In fact, according to the Australian 2016 Census of Population and Housing, only 24 percent of youths and adults in Australia have completed a Bachelors degree or above (Abs.gov.au, 2017). [...]

Organisation is Key

21 February 2019|

Organisation is Key Written by Laetitia Chaumeron The year isn’t even over and I’m already going to talk about your exam period. I’m sure you’re dying to know why I need to be such a downer, since, if you’re anything like me, you’re already stressed about handing in your assignments on [...]

Contract Cheating

6 February 2019|

Contract Cheating What is it? Have you ever been in a public toilet and seen one of those makeshift signs that say, ‘Need an assignment writer? We can help!’? The chances are you have, as essay ghostwriters are on the rise and becoming more prevalent. What you were probably unaware [...]

New Year, New You?

3 January 2019|

New Year, New You? ‘New year, new you?’ - You have probably heard this catch phrase quite a bit and while making a thousand new year’s resolutions can seem fun at the time, following through with them is a totally different story. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so being [...]

The Perks of Group Assignments

17 October 2018|

The Perks of Group Assignments Whether you like it or not, throughout your university experience you will encounter several group assignments. Don’t fret though, because if you make it work well, group assignments can lead to many enjoyable perquisites. 1. More Friends! Group assignments are a great way to venture [...]

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