7 smart tips to achieve desired grades in exams

Written by Jessica Robinson

As ambitious students, you aspire to achieve extraordinary grades in examinations. But, many times, you find it challenging to figure out how to do so. This blog is here to help you overcome this difficulty. It presents seven smart tips to achieve desired grades in exams. But, before we proceed towards discussing these tips, you have to understand that there is no shortcut to perform well in exams. You cannot rely on overnight studies. You have to take charge, limit the distractions and start preparing for your examinations early on. Now, let’s start discussing the 7 smart tips one by one:

1. Set target grades for yourself:

First of all, you need to have a vision. It will help you see a clear picture of what you want for yourself and ignite your inspiration to work in that direction. So, you have to set a target for yourself. Just sit for some time and think about what grades do you need to feel satisfied with yourself. Once you get the answer, write it on a piece of paper and paste it in your room. Now, you have a goal to accomplish. Whenever you come across your plan, you’ll get reminded to start working towards achieving it.

2. Create a study plan and start preparing early on:

After vision comes to a plan, it is like setting up a path to success. You should try to set up a study plan at least a month before your examinations commence. Now, to create a plan, you have to write the names of different subjects which you have to study. Then, you have to list the various chapters which come under these subjects. After this, you have to divide these chapters to be completed within the days left before your exams commence. This will give you a proper direction to work in every day. So, gradually over time, you’ll start paving closer to accomplish your set target grades.

3. Review your daily progress:

As you start working according to your daily plan, there is one more important thing which you have to do. It is to review your daily progress every day. You can do it at the end of the day and analyse what percentage of your particular daily goal you have achieved. If you find that you’ve performed well, you’ll feel a sense of joy within, and you’ll naturally be motivated to serve well again. But, if you find that you haven’t, you’ll be able to realise your setbacks and then, you can start working on improvement. So, don’t forget to review your daily progress every day before you dive into relaxation mode.

4. Make short notes:

This is one of the most important things you have to do for achieving good grades in examinations. As you study different subjects, make short notes out of them. You can convert note-making into an interesting process by using coloured pens for this purpose. You can revise the daily notes you make, the next morning to strengthen your grip on the concepts you have learnt. This will help you perform well in your exams in the long term. Moreover, you can easily revise through these short notes before appearing in a particular examination.

5. Make exercise a part of your daily routine:

Can you study well when you have a headache? Obviously not! This implies that your physical health determines the quality of your studies. So, to study well, you have to take care of your physical health. For this, the best way is to exercise. As you already know, exercise has a lot of physical health benefits. Along with this, exercise also has many benefits for your mental health. It triggers the release of happy hormones like Serotonin, Dopamine and Oxytocin in your body. These hormones make you feel satisfied and reduce your stress levels. As a result, you can focus on your studies in a better manner.

6. Keep your stress levels managed:

If you experience exam stress, don’t think that you are alone. Examinations are a cause of stress for most students. But, whether you use this stress to enhance your exam performance or degrade it, that’s entirely your choice. I’m sure you’ll only prefer to go with the first option, i.e. to use stress as a constructive force and enhance your exam performance. For this, what you have to do is- keep your stress levels managed. In simple terms, you have to prevent exam stress from rising to an excruciatingly high level, and as you do so, it will become a constructive force for you. Now, here are some simple stress management techniques by practising, which you can keep your stress levels managed:

  • Meditation:

Meditation is a must technique to mention when it comes to stress management. It can work wonders in bringing a reduction in your stress levels and thus, help you keep stress managed. Now, if you wonder how to meditate? Just sit in a peaceful place, play a guided meditation video on YouTube and follow the instructions. Jason Stephenson, The Honest Guys and PowerThoughts Meditation Club are some popular YouTube channels where you can find a variety of guided meditation videos.

  • Play or exercise for some time:

As discussed above, exercise triggers the secretion of happy hormones in your body and lowers your stress levels. So, you can keep your stress levels managed by merely playing or exercising for some time every day.

  • Do not compromise on sleep:

Sleep is your body’s natural requirement to recharge itself. If you don’t fulfil this requirement, you are naturally exposing your brain to elevated levels of stress. This implies that you should try your best not to compromise on sleep. Try to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every night.

7. Organise group study sessions with your friends:

Sometimes you may find it hard to feel motivated to study even after trying your best. Under such circumstances, one simple way to ignite your motivation to study is to organise group study sessions with your friends. Tough things become more manageable when you have your friends around, right? So, that’s why you can make studies easier through group studies. But, as you study together, you have to make sure that you don’t engage in too much mischief. You can keep it for later once your exams get over.

Examinations are an integral part of student life. Your performance in your examinations determines your chances of landing into your dream profession. So, you want to give your best, and the tips as mentioned earlier will help you with the same. Now, wishing you All the Best and may you pass your exams with flying colours.