10 YouTube Channels Every Student Should Watch


Photo: Laetitia Chaumeron

Written by Laetitia Chaumeron

Hi, I’m Laetitia and I moved from Germany to Brisbane, Australia to pursue tertiary education at JCU Brisbane. I’m currently in my second trimester and loving it! After settling into the “Aussie way of life”, I began to focus more on personal development and becoming the best student I could possibly be.

This leads me to one of my latest obsessions… YOUTUBE! YouTube, as we all know, is a wonderful resource for many subjects, be it clothing hauls, cat videos or even prank ideas. But YouTube can also be a wonderful tool for students to become better at their studies, broaden their minds and widen their general knowledge. So, grab a coffee or tea and get ready to find out which 10 YouTube channels you should subscribe to in order to become an A+ student!

  1. Ted and TedXTalks

Ted Talks are known worldwide for their catchphrase: “Ideas worth spreading”. The concept of these talks is to invite experts around the world to share their knowledge on various topics, ranging from microbiology to robotics to the arts of communication. Both YouTube channels show recordings of live presentations that can educate students in many ways, whilst helping them open their minds to new topics. I find myself enjoying the constructive and knowledgeable discourses; on one hand because of the many subjects I’ve never heard of that I can learn from, and on the other hand because the speakers have developed their own public speaking skills over the years. The experts are a source of inspiration and motivation, standards which I am aiming to reach one day.

  1. Thomas Frank/ The CollegeInfoGeek Podcast

Thomas Frank, a 2013 Iowa State University Graduate, has developed his YouTube channel, blog and podcast series over the years in order to give useful advice to students on how to conquer university and become the best students they can be. His YouTube channel “Thomas Frank” focuses on productivity, healthy habits to take on, helpful resources (books, YouTube channels, websites) and advice on how to learn better and faster. As a second trimester student, who has successfully completed her first trimester, I find his insights educational and extremely useful, especially when I feel like procrastinating or in need for inspiration and motivation to get through the tons of study I have to complete every day. His “can-do” and “hands-on” attitude allows me to stop telling myself that “I won’t be able to do this” or “This is too much work” and helped me eliminate the “complaining about everything” attitude I had. Stumbling across his channel was a blessing and I regularly tune in to see what else I can learn from this awesome guy.

  1. Evan Carmichael

Evan Carmichael’s YouTube channel is mostly known for its series: “[Someone successful]’s Top Ten Rules”, in which he analyses the speeches, presentations and talks of famous and successful people around the world to find out which useful rules they follow themselves. Every student has a lot to learn from Evan Carmichael’s YouTube channel. Being a student is not only about getting good grades, studying hard and being sleep-deprived, it is also about growing and creating a better and more inspired version of oneself. So why not take advice off the best and most successful people on the planet, such as Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs, and apply these tips and tricks to your own life? His videos range from 10-60 minutes and can be used as a motivational way to start your day.

  1. Motivation2Study

If you think that you knew how to be motivated properly, you’ll find yourself wondering about how wrong you were. Motivation2Study is an incredible channel, which will inspire you to do better, be faster and stronger. Their series “Study Motivation” are a compilation of successful peoples’ speeches, put together in a wonderful, inspiring way, and that you, as a student, should listen to in the morning to get excited about the great day you’ll prepare for yourself. The topics range from “Focus on yourself not others” to “Stop wasting time on your cellphone” or “Quit being lazy”. This channel is a breath of fresh air and should be known by every student who wants to really make something of themselves.

  1. CrashCourse

Have you ever wondered about how electricity was invented? Or what people mean when they talk about the “dark side of social media”? Or even what Plato and Aristotles’ teachings were? Well, the CrashCourse YouTube channel has the answers to your many of these questions and more! With its topical 10-minutes crash courses, very visual content and clear explanations, this channel explores various subjects with the help of industry experts. It is extremely useful to every student who needs a quick reminder of the fundamentals of certain topics the night before an exam or can also serve as an educational, mind-broadening solution to find out more about the world surrounding us and its many study areas. I have been watching this channel for many years now, and I’ve never been disappointed by the quality of the content it produced!

  1. Charisma on Command

Charlie has created many videos on his YouTube channel to help people build up their charisma and their confidence in many areas. With its video topics ranging from “5 Common Habits that will Kill Your Confidence” to “How to Crush Any Interview” or “The Introvert’s Guide to Networking”, this channel can serve any student who lacks confidence and charisma and wants to change it. The benefits of watching these videos could later be seen in your presentations, your popularity at university or even your romantic life! Charlie’s energy and self-confidence have affected me in many ways and helped me become happier in my student life.

  1. Simon Clark

Simon Clark is an Oxford Ph.D. student who gives general advice about student concerns. His videos are full of anecdotes, motivational talks and great book recommendations. He is a relatable character who shares his scientific knowledge with his YouTube community, whilst showing all students what his struggles are and what he has and is still learning from his studies. I find him an entertaining and smart man, who speaks clearly about his experiences and his interests. The books he recommends are great and vary in topics, which is wonderful for a change, since he analyses them in an insightful and energetic way.

  1. Keep Productive

Keep Productive is obviously a channel based around productivity. It explores various websites, apps and general productivity techniques to help anyone choose the right tools for their productivity journey. Francescos’ tutorials on how to use these tools are concise, interesting and informational. Any student noticing that their productivity is not on top and would love to better it quickly and easily should take a look at Francesco’s content. I have followed some of his tutorials myself (on Trello and Evernote mostly) to make sure that my project deadlines will be met and to stay in contact with the various teams I have been working with. Francesco has also helped me identify the best productivity apps, that I now use on a regular basis! Grab your laptop, phone or tablet and get productive!

  1. Internash – Melbourne Vibe

“Internash – Melbourne Vibe” is a recent discovery I made. Devarshi’s channel is quite new but growing fast. His content is centered around his experiences as an international student in Australia (Melbourne more specifically) and he gives advice to students on how to conquer student life abroad. His charisma and personality shine through the screen and the advice he gives is particularly relevant to JCUB students, who have or are still struggling with figuring out how to sort their lives out and mastering their studies in Brisbane. His videos range from 3 to 10 minutes and explore topics such as “Accommodation in Australia” and “Cost of Living in Brisbane”.

  1. John Marty

Any student wanting to have a great career and land awesome jobs by the end of their studies (or even during) should take a look at John Marty’s channel. His channel focuses on the tools students need to make themselves more marketable and desirable in the eyes of recruiters. Not only does he give his insight on how to build a better LinkedIn profile, but he also educates his subscribers on how to answer certain tricky interview questions and design their resumes to optimize their chances to get hired. His calm and educated approach to the topics he chooses and his expertise whilst talking about them can be a life-saver for any student struggling with their marketability whilst looking for a job.

Wow, what a journey! From motivational to insightful student advice videos, I hope this article inspired you to go check out all these wonderful YouTube channels! I strongly recommend that you watch one motivational video every morning to set the tone for your day and make the best of it. Keeping track of all the videos published by all these channels will be hard, but it is so worth the effort! Don’t forget to comment and share your thoughts or other resources down below, I cannot wait to hear from you!