///JCU Brisbane Bike Club Ride January 2019

JCU Brisbane Bike Club Ride January 2019

Last weekend the JCU Brisbane Bike Club ventured off on their first ride of 2019. Here is Doctor Ian Kirkwood’s report:

Great Eastern Fly In @ Evans Head NSW

The weather looked great and our expectations of a fun day were very high when we met at McDonald’s Springwood on Sunday morning. By the time we were on our bikes to head out  there were 4 JCUB students, Doctor Ian, the Joblinx manager, Leanna Tucker and her husband, and some of Dr Ian’s friends.

We rode for 2 hours to the airfield at Evans Head with a brief stop along the way where 3 more riders joined us. By the time we arrived, there were nearly 20 bikes of varying sizes, makes, and levels of performance. There was even a three-wheeled trike in the group.

Photo: JCU Bike Club pose at the Great Eastern Fly In

We’d only been at the Great Eastern Fly In for 5 minutes when two old aircraft took-off and we watched them having an aerial dogfight, just like they would have done in wartimes in days gone by. What an amazing spectacle! Plus there were about 20 or 30 old cars and hot rods on display. We only spent about 2 hours at the air-show but with all the side stalls, crafts, and model displays, we were very well entertained.

Heading back home was another experience altogether. Everyone split-up into smaller groups and six of us headed back home via backroads – Dr Ian, 4 students, plus one of Dr Ian’s friends. This ride was absolutely fantastic – riding the ‘twisties’, country roads with a variety of farms and farm smells, then over Mt Tamborine. Along the way back we stopped in Mooball at the Moo-Moo café for a refreshment break and a safety discussion. It was here that Dr Ian awarded the Ride Captains Safety Award to Vijay Prudhvi Kota. Congrats VJ’!

Overall, a long day of about 450kms, but a fabulous experience for everyone. Bring on the next ride!!!

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