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MyGreenGenz... Australian School-based Apprenticeships

Job Application Letter

The application letter is introducing you to the employer. The letter will determine whether the employer will continue to read on and read your resume. The objective of the application letter is to obtain an interview. Remember the empoyer will know you are a school student and will expect that you won’t have much work experience.

An Employer will be looking for:



  • Demonstrated skills within the job.
  • Address the selection criteria – highlight the skills you have from being a school student or from your part time job e.g. good communication skills, good time management, honest, typing skills, good hand eye coordination etc.
  • Professional documentation – include school results, awards. Make sure you do a spell check and have someone else do a proof read for you.

Self Confidence

Give them a reason to want to interview you, a “grabber” that will make them want to read more and ideally meet you. Try to be individual, you will be competing with many others for the same position – make sure you keep it professional, don’t ‘put down’ others that have applied for the job.

To the Point

  • Short and to the point. Keep to a maximum of one page.
  • Request an Interview
  • Request an interview at a mutually convenient time or write when is the best time to catch you. For example, after school – include your mobile number and email address so you are easily contactable, write this in the letter to increase the chances of the employer calling after school. Many times, we miss interviews because an employer will only try to catch you a maximum of three times.

Example Letter...

15 March 2007
The Office Manager
PO Box 143
Sumner Park QLD 4074
Dear Sir/Madam
Re: School-based Office Administration Trainee
I am applying for the position of School-based Office Administration Trainee, which was through Sarina Russo Apprenticeship Services.
I am currently in year 11 and am doing English and Secretarial Studies as part of my senior subjects. I have a typing speed of 40 wpm at 98% accuracy.
I am currently working part time at Subway and have learnt excellent time management, team work, customer service and organisation skills.
I would like to undertake this traineeship as I plan to attend TAFE after year 12 to complete my Diploma of Business to gain a career as a Personal Assistant.
I have enclosed my resume and can be contacted at anytime for an interview on 333 3333 33.
Kind regareds
Mary Brown
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