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Welcome to your new look Student Resource Centre

In recognition of a changing education arena, James Cook University Brisbane wants to be responsive to the study needs of our students. Over the past 12 months a series of University wide surveys have been conducted and a report compiled that endeavoured to address and support positive comments of students and Academic staff, so our Student Resource Centre model works for students through their Academic journey.

In early September the new look Student Resource Centre was unveiled with the primary difference being the textbook collection is now in the open space, and a Self Loan Check out Kiosk was introduced.

The key features:

All text books (general and prescribed collection) are in the main area for easy access to students

Area refreshed reflecting a modernised look

Students can self loan textbooks

Students can view their account through the Self Loan Kiosk

All books are secured and the area is controlled by security gates

Inventory management enhanced

In addition our Library Management System was upgraded with some cool online functions soon to be introduced.

The key features:

The system is Cloud delivered, providing up to date and backed up data

Enhanced borrowing student opportunities

Online searching

Text book reservations

Auto Email alerts

We hope you enjoy using your Student Resource Centre and watch this space for new developments.


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