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Think. Outside the box.

Marketing is about thinking outside the box.

So how do you run a Weekend MBA marketing subject when the G20 has cordoned off the CBD and your students can’t get to class?

You take your students to Movie World so they can immerse themselves in a highly customer centred business.

The student’s challenge is to write a business plan for the Theme Park’s latest venture – Paradise Company.

MBA Student and Movie World staff member, Michael Croaker, also organised the Marketing Manager and Operations Manager for Paradise Country to address the students.

Lecturer Barry Duncan said on most Weekend MBA classes stop for coffee by 10.30am, instead we stopped for a roller coaster break.

“What better way to reinvigorate yourself by having been on a roller coaster which goes from  0 - 100kmh in 2 seconds with a 4.2 g-force,” Barry said.

The students have not stopped raving about this very different and stimulating Weekend class.

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