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Student Lounge Now Open

The Level 1 Student Lounge space is now open for JCU Brisbane students to enjoy!  The JCU Brisbane Student Lounge project was undertaken by the JCU Brisbane Student Council with the approval of the Vice Chancellor, and fully funded from the JCU Student Services and Amenities fee (paid by JCU students each Trimester).

The JCU Brisbane Student Lounge is set out over one floor of the Campus with areas for eating, relaxing and socialising.   The interior is bright and colourful and designed as a comfortable space; like a ‘home away from home’.   The Lounge has facilities for gaming and other recreational activities. The new JCU Brisbane Student Lounge gives students a much needed space to meet and make friends, engage in enjoyable and relaxing activities, and find quiet corners to ‘chill out’ and enjoy a break from study.

The JCU Brisbane Student Council has plans to continue to improve the Lounge over the next twelve months to include a stage area, a projector for screening movies and more.   This is an exciting new addition to the JCU Brisbane Campus and students are really looking forward to enjoying the area for many years to come.

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