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ETA Stradbroke Island Trip

On Saturday the 28th of May The Entertainment and Tourism Association (ETA) held a free student trip to Stradbroke Island. Read ETA President, Angelina Grigoryeva’s summary of the day’s activities below.

“We arrived to Staddie by ferry, at about 10 am and spent there the whole day till sunset. We were travelling everywhere by bus with 2 professional guides from Banana Life (operator). Our first stop was Myora Springs - a freshwater spring that has been running for thousands of years. Then we passed by a small township, Amity Point, which has large Koala population and we saw one koala, even though quite high on a Eucalypt tree. The next memorable activity was in another township, Point Lookout. We took a 1.2 km boardwalk, called Gorge Walk, and enjoyed breathtaking views over the ocean. After the walk we headed to the Main Beach where we first had a delicious lunch and even saw some whales playing around! After the lunch we were swimming and playing beach games - that was the highlight of the trip for most of the students! The next point of destination was a beautiful Brown Lake and the last stop before boarding the ferry was the Poker Point where we saw the sunset.”

Be sure to look out for more social events organised by the various groups at JCU Brisbane in the future.



Story: Angelina Grigoryeva

Pictures: Zein Abdurasad

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