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Search for New Student Clubs

Dear JCUB students,

In order to enrich your experience at James Cook University Brisbane, the Student Council is reviewing the operations of current Clubs and taking into consideration the establishment of new Club(s).

Our aim is to maximise your benefits and to provide the memorable student life to all JCU Brisbane students. Therefore, we would like to invite you to be a part of the decision process in choosing new clubs and selecting students to fill the executive club roles.


The propsed student clubs are as follows:


Entertainment and Tourism Association

Existing club. ETA provides opportunities for students, especially those who study Tourism and Hospitality to attend seminars and participate in short-trips to explore well-known destinations.



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IT Club

Existing club. IT conducts seminars related to technology and other activities.


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Cricket Team

Existing club. Cricket Team provides the opportunity for student who love Cricket to practice for the annual University Games

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Soccer Team

Existing club. Soccer Team provides the opportunity for students who love Soccer to practice and attend matches.

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MBA - MPA Club

A club for Business and Accounting students to gather, upgrade knowledge and skills related to accounting and business which includes seminars and workshops.

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Creative Club

This will be for students who are creative and have a passion for photography and the arts. Students in this club will be participating in all Student Council events and take photographs and other related activities. Students who love arts can practice their creativity and have their piece exposed.

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Gamer's Club

An entertainment group which involves indoor games such as chess, pingpong and online games. This club may hold battles within the University and possibly outside the University.

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Lingo Club

This club will help students to learn foreign languages aside from their native tongues and get deeper understanding of other cultures. One activity that may involve the imparting of knowledge from other countries will be watching a movie once a week. Languages includes French, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, Nihongo, and Portuguese.

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Health and Fitness Club

Health and Fitness is club for those who want to improve their physical and mental health. Nutrition, exercises, swimming, yoga and other healthy-lifestyle activities are key topics.

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Toastmasters Club

Students who love to motivate other people can join this club and prepare speeches and even debate.



The Search for a New Club will proceed as follows:

Stage 1 – Search for a New Club’ (November 7th to November 11th): All students of JCUB are to choose a maximum 5 clubs in the list of 10. You can cast your vote by liking the corresponding picture in the 'Search for a New Student Club' album on Facebook. The 5 images with the highest votes (number of 'likes') will be considered as the official Clubs from SP23/2016.

Stage 2 – Clubs’ Executive Board Nomination (November 17th to 30th November): Students to nominate for the Executive Positions of new clubs (Vice Presidents, President)

At the same time, Students also can submit questions that they would like to ask Nominee of Clubs’ Executive Board

Stage 3 – Profile Preparation (1st December to 9th December): Nominees will submit their profile and some designated questions to SC Executive Board, their profile will be updated in JCUB Facebook, website and around the campus

Stage 4 – Election (11th December to 5pm 20th December): Students to vote for the positions of clubs (that they want to vote) by coming to level 2 and fill out the paper.

Stage 5 – Outcome and Planning (26th December to the end of SP23/2016): The final result will be announced on 26th December 2016 on Facebook, Website and campus. New Clubs’ EBs will have meeting with SC to plan and prepare for upcoming trimester.

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