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Numeracy Workshops

The Language and Learning Centre is expanding!

We have a new staff member, Brett Vance, who can help students with all sorts of ‘numbers-related’ work.  Do you need to know how to create an Excel spreadsheet?  Create a graph? Understand your grades? Manage your time in exams?  Do an accounting problem or understand how to do a statistics problem?  Brett can help you with all of these things.  His official title is “Numeracy Adviser” which simply means that he can advise you or help you with anything to do with numbers.   Do you simply lack confidence working with numbers?  Brett can work with you to build your number-confidence as well.   If you’re not sure about how the Numeracy Adviser can help you, click here to see what one student had to say about her experience.

Play the video below to see what Rina had to say about her experience of the Numeracy Workshops:


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