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JCU Brisbane takes the lead!

The results are in from our latest Student Survey, and JCU Brisbane is proud to say they have taken the lead in comparison to other JCU campuses.

The survey which takes place each academic year gives JCU students the opportunity share their experience at a JCU campus.

The last survey for SP21 2013 resulted in the following highlights for JCU Brisbane:

Clear learning outcomes score 83.8%

Lecturer delivery style 83.1%

Well organised subject 79.6%

Good assessment activities 82.7%

Timely feedback on student work 81.9%

Overall satisfaction 80.1%

It is great to note that in all measures above including overall satisfaction our Brisbane campus was the leading JCU campus compared to Cairns, Townsville and Singapore. JCU Brisbane would like to express their sincere gratitude to staff and students for such a great result.

Each year JCU Brisbane endeavours to increase results in all areas, based on this survey in particular our focus will be the area of ‘Organisation of subjects’. The feedback students provide enable us to offer a more satisfied learning experience, by identifying areas where the university can improve.

If you missed out on partaking in this student survey, be sure to provide your feedback in the upcoming survey for SP23 2013 which opens Monday the 20th January 2014!



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