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So you’re graduating on Friday?  After an international move and years of study (blood, sweat and probably more than a few tears) – YOU’VE DONE IT!

So…What next? Are you prepared? What do you want to do? How do you feel?

These are all really normal questions to be asking yourself after achieving  a long-term goal and we’re glad that you’re looking forward but don’t let any of these swirling thoughts detract from your big day!  Graduation is a celebration of where you are now.  As one chapter of your life draws to an end, a new exciting chapter full of possibilities is about to begin!

Take a step back, acknowledge your achievements and breathe.  You have achieved a lot through the course of your education so don’t dismiss this personal growth; you have come a long way.




There are many exciting times ahead and we know that you will all be successful in your own way, but here are some tips to get you started in the transition from university life towards mapping a rewarding career:

1. Look for jobs that are directly and indirectly related to your degree.  As business and IT graduates you have the advantage of being able to apply your qualification to many roles and industries.  Understand that your career isn’t a sprint, it’s a long distance trek.  What this means is that even if your first job after university isn’t exactly what you want for your career, think about what opportunities this job may offer.   What skill bases are you developing?  What are you learning from this situation or industry?  How will these skills and this knowledge benefit you in the long run?  Remember, experience is important!

2. Make sure you tailor your cover letter and resume to the job you’re applying for.  Your Cover Letter and Resume provides potential employers with a first impression, they want to know that you have read the job ad and are interested and qualified to perform the key accountabilities as set out in the job description.  Tailoring your resume to highlight projects and work experience that is relevant to specific accountabilities shows employers that you have understood the job.

3. The job market can be tough but use your time wisely, use your extra time to get involved in your community.  Whether this is volunteering or joining a club, make sure you are doing something that you are passionate about.  Employers love to see initiative, they want to see that you are prepared to work hard and be involved.  For example if you decide to go on a post-uni holiday, why not write a blog? Document what you see and experience, this can be a portfolio to show an employer your keen eye for detail or a creative mind.

4. Stay in touch with the Joblinx team, did you know that they offer post-study support to JCU Brisbane’s graduating students? Whether you need help with your resume, support in your interview preparation or help with the intense application process.  Joblinx is a great support for this next step in your life!

Employ passion, embrace opportunity and be brave enough to make mistakes.  The next chapter in your journey is new, but it’s full of potential!

We’ll leave you with this TED talk video from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos who explains that ‘what matters more than your talents’ are the many choices we make.  In your life you have many choices to make but “in the end we are our choices, build yourself a great story!”






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