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Halloween Scare 2014 at JCU Brisbane

Halloween's fans are legion, so it’s no wonder that the JCU Brisbane students were keenly awaiting the 31st October to celebrate the ghoulish holiday. The Entertainment & Tourism Association (ETA) took the initiative & organised a Halloween Party for the current students of the university.

The highlights of the event were the DJ for the night DJ Bharath, current MITHM-MBA student at JCU Brisbane who kept students entertained throughout the night. The complimentary food and beverages were a big hit along with the Halloween decorations, turning level 5 into a scene out of a scary movie.

Over 130 students attended the event which kicked off the trimester break between SP 22 & SP 23, it was the perfect way to relax and let loose immediately after the stressful final exam period. The focus of the event was to give a comfortable space for students to mingle and get to know each other in a more informal manner, whilst dancing the night away to the DJ’s music.

Since Jan. 2014, with the ongoing successful events for the JCU Brisbane ETA, the Halloween party was one of the most highly anticipated events for the year 2014.

Click here for images from the event.


Anand Bansod

President - Entertainment and Tourism Association

James Cook University Brisbane


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