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ETA Elects a New President

The outgoing Entertainment and Tourism Association (ETA) President, Angelina Grigoryeva, has announced the new ETA President is Akash Sharma.  Angelina has been a valued President of the ETA team since December 2015, ETA wishes her well with both Graduation and her future endeavours!  Incoming President, Akash has been a valued member of the ETA since January 2016.

The Vice President, Zein Abdurasad, and the Secretary, Andre Diniz, will remain the same going into the final trimester of 2016.

Angelina thanked the ETA team and spoke fondly of her time working with each and every team member. Dr Niki Maciones congratulated Akash on being elected to lead the ETA and spoke warmly of Angelina's time as 'Madame President'.  In addition, ETA welcomed a new member, Thayo, to the team!

Exciting times ahead for the ETA team!

IMG_4055.JPG white strip IMG_4059.JPG
Outgoing ETA President Angelina congratulates the new ETA President Akash. Akash Sharma, Angelina Grigoryeva and Dr Niki Maciones.
IMG_4061.JPG white strip IMG_4064.JPG
ETA President welcomes new member Thayo. The ETA team.



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