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Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are in Australian dollars. Annual fees are based on enrolment in eight subjects per year. If a student chooses to enrol in more than eight subjects per year, the tuition fees payable will increase pro rata according to the number of subjects in which they are enrolled. Fees quoted for the PQP programs are for four subjects, which is the total number of subjects that have to be completed in these courses.

All three trimesters are compulsory enrolment periods for students who are studying while on a student visa.  A trimester is approximately four months long.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your fees, please email: finance@jcub.edu.au

Undergraduate Fees 2018

Bachelor ProgramsSubject TotalPer SubjectAnnualTotal
Bachelor of Business (Accounting)24$3,500$28,000$84,000
Bachelor of Business (Hospitality & Tourism Management)24$3,500$28,000$84,000
Bachelor of Business (International Business)24$3,500$28,000$84,000
Bachelor of Business (Management)24$3,500$28,000$84,000

Postgraduate Fees 2018

Master ProgramsSubject TotalPer SubjectAnnualTotal
Master of Business Administration12$3,750$30,000$45,000
Master of Business Administration (Leadership)16$3,750$30,000$60,000
Master of Information Technology (Business Informatics)16$3,750$30,000$60,000
Master of Information Technology (Computing & Networking)16$3,750$30,000$60,000
Master of Professional Accounting16$3,750$30,000$60,000
Master of International Tourism & Hospitality Management16$3,750$30,000$60,000
Joint Master ProgramsSubject TotalPer SubjectAnnualTotal
Master of Information Technology – Master of Business Administration16$3,750$30,000$60,000
Master of International Tourism & Hospitality Management – Master of Business Administration16$3,750$30,000$60,000
Master of Professional Accounting – Master of Business Administration16$3,750$30,000$60,000

1. Tuition Fees and Commencement Deposits

1.1 Tuition Fee Liability

1.1.1    International tuition fees are set for each calendar year and are quoted either for a single Study Period/Trimester or at an annual rate. The tuition fee liability is calculated in proportion with the credit point enrolment for coursework and time-based study for research students.

For coursework students, tuition fees are charged pro-rata of the annual course fee based on 24 credit points.

1.1.2 International Tuition fees are subject to annual increases as approved by the Vice Chancellor.

1.1.3 The tuition fee liability incurred by students who commence their course from 1 January 2017 will be the approved course fee for each year in which the student is enrolled.

The tuition fee liability incurred by Continuing Students who commenced their course prior to 1 January 2017 is subject to increase at a rate indexed annually based on the course fee for the year in which the student commenced studying.

1.1.4    A tuition fee liability will be incurred for all subjects in which a student is enrolled in at Census Date.  Withdrawal from any subject(s) or course after the Census Date does not reduce the fee liability due unless exceptional circumstances apply as per Clause 3.3.

1.1.5    For Continuing Students, tuition fees must be paid in full by the applicable Payment Due Dates.

1.1.6    Where bank fees are deducted from any amount paid, the student must pay the bank fees so that the University receives the full tuition fee amount.

Please refer to the Tuition Fee Policy for further information.


Student Services and Amenities Fee

In October 2011, the Australian Parliament passed legislation allowing universities to charge a student services and amenities fee. The income from the fee is used to provide a range of student support services and facilities including:

  • Support for student organisations including sporting activities
  • Student spaces
  • Student Orientation and Registration
  • Student counselling
  • Study skills support
  • Student advocacy

The SSA Fee is charged at $44.10 per 3 credit points.

Payment of the SSA Fee is compulsory for all JCU Brisbane students.

Like your subject fees, you must pay your SSA Fee by the Payment Due Date of each subject.

  • Credit card payments can be made on campus at Student Services, student ID must be presented.
  • You can also make a Direct Deposit (online transfer) if you have internet banking. You must use your student ID number as a reference. This will ensure that Finance can identify the payment and allocate the amount to your My Finance account.

JCU Brisbane is committed to seeking input from students regarding priorities for expenditure of the SSA Fee revenue. JCU Brisbane consults with the student council representatives and the student body regarding the use of the SSA Fee revenue in a future year. Each year JCU Brisbane publishes proposed priorities for expenditure and invites student feedback.

You told us and we listened. Here are some examples of how your Students Services and Amenities Fee has been used.

Student Lounge

The JCU Brisbane Student Lounge project was undertaken by the JCU Brisbane Student Council with the approval of the Vice Chancellor, and fully funded from the JCU Student Services and Amenities fee (paid by JCU students each Trimester).

The JCU Brisbane Student Lounge is set out over one floor of the Campus with areas for eating, relaxing and socialising. The interior is bright and colourful and designed as a comfortable space; like a ‘home away from home’.   The Lounge has facilities for gaming and other recreational activities. The new JCU Brisbane Student Lounge gives students a much needed space to meet and make friends, engage in enjoyable and relaxing activities, and find quiet corners to ‘chill out’ and enjoy a break from study.

The JCU Brisbane Student Council has plans to continue to improve the Lounge over the next twelve months to include a stage area, a projector for screening movies and more. This is an exciting new addition to the JCU Brisbane Campus and students are really looking forward to enjoying the area for many years to come.

MacBook Airs

Students now have access to three MacBook Air laptops. These laptops are available to students on loan from level 2 Student Resource Centre.

JCU Brisbane Cricket Team Jerseys

Members of the JCU Brisbane Cricket Team were presented with JCU Brisbane Cricket jerseys on May 2014.