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Student Services and Amenities Fee

In October 2011, the Australian Parliament passed legislation allowing universities to charge a student services and amenities fee. The income from the fee is used to provide a range of student support services and facilities including:

  • Support for student organisations including sporting activities

  • Student spaces

  • Student Orientation and Registration

  • Student counselling

  • Study skills support

  • Student advocacy



The SSA Fee is charged at $44.10 per subject enrolled in during 2017.

Payment of the SSA Fee is compulsory for all JCU Brisbane students.

Like your subject fees, you must pay your SSA Fee by the Payment Due Date of each subject.

You pay your SSA Fee using the same payment method as your subject fees, via eStudent. Log in with your username and password, click on the ‘My Finances’ tab, select 'Administrative/SSA Fee payment' from the left hand menu and PAY your SSA Fee by credit/debit.

JCU Brisbane is committed to seeking input from students regarding priorities for expenditure of the SSA Fee revenue. JCU Brisbane consults with the student council representatives and the student body regarding the use of the SSA Fee revenue in a future year. Each year JCU Brisbane publishes proposed priorities for expenditure and invites student feedback.

For more information on SSA Fee contact the Student Finance Officer:

SSA Fee Funded Projects